Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday August 31

Course Syllabus: Review of Knowing and Learning and Classroom Interactions

Enacted Curriculum: Students discussed their previous experience with PBI, what they want their future experience to be, and/or how they thought what they did or learned in Knowing and Learning or Classroom Interactions related to PBI. They also learned more about the field teaching experience component of the course. The teaching assistant discussed examples of previous field investigations and showed them samples of student artifacts from last semester, including an anchor video and field guides.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday August 28 - Field Component

Course Syllabus: See PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Enacted Curriculum: Continue with introduction and viewing of where we are headed. Students are shown prior projects and all that will be required of them in order to build a project based instructional unit. Classroom observation protocol, teacher contacts and expectations were discussed. The first reading assignment, PBL handbook sections I (Introduction) and II (Begin with the End in Mind), is given. The reading/discussion expectations are discussed as well as the focus questions and posting protocol. Students will post responses to focus questions by Tuesday, 9/1. These responses will be used to drive class on 9/2. Students are instructed to read various documents related to the field experience prior to the first field orientation on Sept. 25. These include a lecture and video interview of Elliot Eisner about the importance of art in learning other disciplines.