Friday, January 22, 2010

SPG 2010 Class 1- January 20, 2010

Today was the first class day of the PBI course for the Spring 2010 semester of class. Professor Petrosino started the course off by introducing himself, Ms. Denise Ekberg, the master teacher, Teddy Chao, the course Teaching Assistant, Professor Cesar Delgado, who is teaching another section of the PBI course, and Matt Chalker, who is the TA for the other section of the course. Professor Petrosino then enacted an ice-breaker activity, grouping students up into pairs to discuss what they have liked and disliked about the UTeach program so far. Then, Professor Petrosino had students take a short quiz detailing isolated mathematical and scientific facts and procedure, in preparation for an activity in the next class involving finding the circumference of the Earth.

Professor Petrosino then distributed the course syllabus, briefly outlining the three-tiered structure of the PBI course: 1) a theory driven perspective accounting for what we know of how people learn and how project-based instruction may be our best choice for bridging the gap between theory and practice, 2) a technological component that will assist the enrolled students in developing their own project-based unit, and 3) observation and teaching of well implemented project-based instruction in local schools will be coordinated with cooperating teachers in the local area school systems. To end the course, students took an online PBI captstone survey ( to elicit what sorts of prior knowledge students are bringing with them from earlier UTeach courses.

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