Thursday, October 6, 2011

Class 9.5: 09/24/11-McKinney Falls Planning Trip

Today the UTeach PBI students from both sections of the class went to McKinney Falls State Park to get lesson ideas and practice with equipment.  The mentor teachers from local schools joined them in order to give feedback and assist with lesson planning, and UTeach master teachers helped to lead the day’s activities and give expert instruction on how to use the technology and other equipment. 

Students started the morning with a hike from the upper falls area to the lower falls, noting various landscape features like Old Baldy (a large Cypress tree) and a rocky natural overhang.  During their field experience, UTeach students will take high school students down this same trail and relate some of this same information to them. 

After the hike, UTeachers collected their equipment and practiced carrying out field experiments that they may decide to use in their lessons.  Some groups knew right away what they wanted to use, while others tried out a few different kits and tools before finding one they felt fit their lesson.  

Each day in PBI a different student takes responsibility for blogging about what goes on in class.  Today’s blog is brought to you by our TA Sara.

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