Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall 2015: Blogs Cohort H and M

terrarium is a type of miniature ecosystem of plants. Terrariums are usually sealable glass containers that can be opened for maintenance and to access the plants inside. However, this is not essential; terrariums can also be made using other transparentmaterials, and some are open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed. Terrariums are often kept as decorative or ornamental items in the same way as aquariums.
Closed terrariums create a unique environment for plant growth, as the transparent walls allow for both heat and light to enter the terrarium. The sealed container combined with the heat entering the terrarium allows for the creation of a small scale water cycle. This happens because moisture from both the soil and plants evaporates in the elevated temperatures inside the terrarium. This water vapour then condenses on the walls of the container, and eventually falls back to the plants and soil below. This contributes to creating an ideal environment for growing plants due to the constant supply of water, thereby preventing the plants from becoming over dry. In addition to this, the light that passes through the transparent material of the terrarium allows for the plants within to photosynthesis, an important aspect of plant growth.

Cohort H

GROUP 1H: Dani Glazer, Nicole Sollie, Hannah Bender, Donna Beltrone 

GROUP 2H: Braelyn Anderson, Shauntai Wooten, Grace Ballard, Katherine Murchison

GROUP 5H: Alex Buford, Erin Preston, Whitney Davenport

Group 6HTori, Jackie, Carissa, and Mary Alex

Cohort M 

GROUP 1M: Sierra Alexander, Suzanne Reckmeyer, Recebba Ross 

GROUP 2M: Macie Cohen, Katherine Mazanek, Alex Siminski

GROUP 4M: Ashley Laird, Abby Saunders, Kassie Ruiz

GROUP 5M: Julie G. Brittany, Desiree, and Helene

GROUP 6M: Rachel Lim, Melissa Lackman, Drew Herbort

GROUP 7M: Jennifer H, Liz, and Lexi


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