Sunday, September 4, 2016

Petrosino and Others Invited to NSF Funded 2016 Youth Data Science Summit- University of California, Berkeley

On August 11-12 2016 the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education and School of Information co-hosted the Youth Data Science Summit 2016. Funded by the NSF Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies program (award abstract #1541676), the Summit brought together researchers from different communities already active in this emerging field, to promote cross dialogue between those working in computer science/information visualization and in education. I was glad to have been part of this incredible meeting.

This meeting brought together researchers from different communities. Spaces were limited and acceptance was decided in consultation with the advisory board, with the goals of building a diverse group that represents many related fields relevant to youth, learning, and data science.

Confirmed Participants
Meryl Alper – Northeastern University
Toi Sin Arvidsson* – Columbia University
Dani Ben-Zvi – The University of Haifa, Israel
Cynthia Carter Ching – University of California, Davis
Catherine Cramer – New York Hall of Science
David Custer – Math Teacher/Department Chair at Decatur High School
Sayamindu Dasgupta* – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Noel Enyedy – University of California, Los Angeles
Tim Erickson – eeps media
Kristin Fontichiaro – University of Michigan
Rogers Hall – Vanderbilt University
Jim Hammerman – STEM Education Evaluation Center (SEEC) at TERC
Katie Headrick Taylor – University of Washington
Jennifer Kahn* – Vanderbilt University
Ruth Kermish-Allen – Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance
Janet Kolodner – The Concord Consortium
Leilah Lyons – UIC/ New York Hall of Science
Fred Martin –  University of Massachusetts Lowell
Amelia McNamara – Smith College
Dawn Nafus – Intel
Deborah Nolan – University of California, Berkeley
Anthony Petrosino – University of Texas, Austin
Thomas Philip – University of California, Los Angeles
Laurie Rubel – City University of New York
Mayumi Shinohara* – Vanderbilt University
Lissa Soep – Youth Radio
David Weintrop* – Northwestern University
Advisory Board
Marti Hearst – University of California, Berkeley
Ruth Krumhansl – EDC, Inc / Oceans of Data Institute
Richard Lehrer – Vanderbilt University
Andee Rubin – TERC
Kathryn Lanouette* – University of California, Berkeley
Victor Lee – Utah State University
Tapan Parikh – University of California, Berkeley
Joseph Polman – University of Colorado, Boulder
Michelle Wilkerson – University of California, Berkeley
John Park* – University of Texas, Austin
Anthony Petrosino – University of Texas, Austin
*Graduate Students/ Candidates