Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday November 4- Introduction to Anchored Instruction

Syllabus: Assessment in PBI STEM Krajcik Chapter 7

Enacted Curriculum: Today, Dr. Petrosino introduced the class to anchored instructionAnchored instruction lies within the social constructivist paradigm since small groups work together to understand and solve realistic problems. Anchored instruction is most closely related to the goal-based scenario model. While anchored instruction may also resemble problem-based learning (PBL), it is less open-ended. Most anchored modules are designed for young learners, and thus embed all of the necessary data to solve the problem within the modules themselves. Substantial independent research and data collection are not required in anchored modules, but are required in PBL. 

Today, the class viewed the episode "Rescue at Boone's Meadow" and attempted to solve the challenges at the end of the episode. Dr. Petrosino broke the class into groups of 4. Three members did the problem solving and one member observed the problem solving process. 

Quick Summary of Jasper: The Jasper series is based on the assumption that thinking is enhanced by access to powerful concepts and not simply through access to a general set of thinking skills. Therefore, Jasper is designed to teach thinking in contexts that are rich in content as well as in the need for general strategies.

Jasper's close cousins are case-based learning, problem-based learning, and project-base learning. More specifically, Jasper series represents an example of problem-based learning that has been modified to make it more useable in K-12 settings. These modifications include the use of a visual story format to present problems, plus the use of "embedded data" and "embedded teaching" to seed the environment with ideas relevant to problem solving. Jasper is also designed to set the stage for subsequent project-based learning. Its overall goal is to help students transform "mere facts" into "powerful conceptual tools."

Picture: Students solve Rescue to Boone's Meadow in PBI. 

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