Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Oct 16 - PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Course Syllabus: PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Enacted Curriculum: Lesson planning. Students were given the class time to work with TAs and master teachers. Roberto Castenada was a guest master teacher with Math experience. Class began by returning revised concept maps for their Projects. They were also given hard copies of a lesson planning template. Students then began identifying specific lessons (benchmark and investigations) that would be needed during the development of their project based unit. Students made excellent progress and seemed to realize how “lessons” fit into a project as scaffolding and that they would not necessarily create all of the lessons that would be needed to implement their projects. Students were instructed to consider these lessons as potential stand alone lessons that they will be able to use during apprentice teaching and beyond.

Next students were put into their Field teams. They then worked on their three-day planner for the field experience (two days in the classroom followed by one day in the field). Students turned in what they had thus far for the three-day planner. These will be evaluated and returned to students for editing and revisions to submit to classroom teachers at the end of next week.

Picture: Using a GPS system in the field. This particular system can then hook up via the Internet to GoogleMaps and tell you exactly where you are and where you went.

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