Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Class Meeting 5: Mon Feb 8, 2010

Today’s class got off to a little bit of a late start because we met in Painter hall rather than the Sanchez building. Also, class was led today by Ms. Ekberg, while Professor Petrosino was out of town.We started class off today by taking a quick UT Engineering survey for 5 minutes:, Ms. Ekberg started an activity where students broke up by content area to deeply look at the Project 2061’s criteria for effective curriculum materials. 

They can be found here: Math: 

Each student looked deeply on 2 criteria and discussed them in their groups. Then, Ms. Ekberg had the class jigsaw so that each group had at least one member who had looked deeply into each category, from 1 to 6. Students then spent time in these groups looking at various example textbooks from Texas, using their categories to critique the textbooks, and also to engage in discussion of whether or not they felt the textbook would meet the Project 2061 criteria.Then, Ms. Ekberg distributed a handout taken from the PBL Handbook by The Buck Institute, which situated various criteria to take into account when formulating driving questions. Within their groups, students then discussed and critiqued the driving questions based upon the TEKS that they had worked on for homework. Ms. Ekberg told students that they would be sharing the results from this discussion in class on Wednesday.Finally, Ms. Ekberg ended class with a short discussion about how to create their driving questions, that they should cover a 2-week to 4-week time period, and that the list of standards that they help students develop mastery in should be focused.

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