Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25th Letter to PBI Group

The following is a short note I sent to members of the group meeting to rethink Project Based Instruction over the next few semesters. -Dr. Petrosino

Hi All,
I want to be sure we take some time in our weekly meetings to also continue the work of re-thining PBI. The work we did before the semester began was helpful and moved us along. However, I do not want to lose sight of the fact that in my opinion, it's work still not completed. As we are in the middle of the semester, it's easy to get into a "do" mode- at least with me.

Topics I would like to talk about in the coming weeks:

1) relationship between PBI and Apprentice Teaching
2) 5E model of curriculum and possible other models
3) introduction of new technology/cognitive tools for PBI
4) Anchors-launch video issues
5) frameworks for PBI unit design

Maybe we'll try to dedicate 1/2 hr a meeting to the above topics. I'll send out a loose agenda. If you have any other ideas/topics, please let me know.

Sorry about not being able to attend yesterday's meeting. I got caught up in a vortex.

Cheers, -Tony

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