Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall 2010 UTeach PBI Class 4- Sept 7

Dr. Petrosino began today’s class by going over some final changes to the syllabus. Most important were the addition of a Midterm and Final exam that will cover the theoretical principles covered in class. He also advised students to make note of the dates of the field experience and keep those dates free on their calendars. Students had some questions regarding the location and details of the field experience, which will largely be addressed by TAs and Master Teachers when they formally introduce the assignment.

Students were given a handout showing an example of aligning TEKS to the Eratosthenes problem from last class, as well as a sample rubric and project calendar for expanding this problem into a project. Sara Hawkins went over this rubric and calendar, pointing out to students how the tasks were aligned to the standards, and how the activities in the calendar would correspond to the students’ need to know. She also mentioned Bloom’s Taxonomy as a starting point to guide differentiating rubric tasks.

Students had questions about whether a project would cover “a chapter” of material, and Dr. Petrosino questioned whether it is useful to write curriculum based on the sequence of material in a book. He reinforced that context is critical for preventing inert learning. Sara gave some input regarding her experience in the classroom following district curriculum maps while doing PBI.

Students were then shown the “Rescue at Boone’s Meadow” video from the The Jasper Project. Students took notes on the information given in the video and then began to solve the problem. This activity will be continued in the next class.

Best solution to Rescue at Boone's Meadow---

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