Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall 2010 UTeach PBI Class 7- Sept 16: Barron et al (1998) / Planning Nets

Students were broken into groups and discussed the Barron et al (1998) paper entitled "Doing with Understanding: Lessons from Research on Problem to Project Based Instruction" (see below). Dr. Petrosino assigned random groups. Each group was assigned a different discussion topic: “Little p” projects vs. “Big P” Projects; Problems to Projects; Assessment; Scaffolding Use; and Implications of the article on PBI Practice. These topics were inspired and emphasized in the article. After small group discussions, individual groups were asked to share some of their thoughts and insights:

Big P/Little p: Big P Projects are Goal Driven (with objectives), Contain Scaffolding, and have a Social Structure promoting participatory practices.

Scaffolding: Examples found by the group included contrasting cases, starting with problems and building to a project.

Assessment: Students noticed the importance of using feedback from students to alter instruction and student self-assessment

Implications: The group discussed budgetary concerns, and Dr. Petrosino gave his thoughts regarding alternate sources of funding.

Students then showed their “planning net” for the Circumference of the Earth problem and explained their thought process in creating this document (see picture) . Planning Nets were introduced a few lessons ago while students solved the "Rescue at Boone's Meadow" problem and read a subsequent article.

Barron, B. J. S., D. L. Schwartz, Et Al. (1998). Doing With Understanding Lessons From Research on Problem-...

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