Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall 2010 UTeach PBI Class 11- Thursday October 7:

We began class today with an informal discussion about observations that had taken place so far at Manor New Tech High School. Approximately half of the class had already been out to do observations, and the other half was planning to observe classes on Friday. Some key take-away points from the discussion were:

-MNTH Students seemed relatively focused, more so than some UTeachers expected.

-UTeachers who judged projects saw a range of competency from students. UTeachers who saw some poorly executed projects noticed that the teacher gave students feedback and an opportunity to revise before giving them a final grade (consistent with academic literature on good assessment).

-UTeachers find it easier to envision how PBI looks on a day-to-day basis now that they have seen a class.

-UTeachers were surprised by how eager students are to talk to visitors and how forthcoming they are about their classwork.

-The MNTH students “seemed smarter” than expected.

Lynn Kirby attended class today to take a final headcount for the first field trips on the weekend of Oct. 9th. Students were advised as to which equipment would be available and reminded to bring water and good walking shoes.

Dr. Petrosino reminded students of the recurring idea in the class that in order to do PBI successfully, you need three critical elements to be working in harmony supporting the development and implementation of projects:

1. Assessment

2. Instruction (pedagogy)

3. Curriculum

He encouraged students to think about these three elements as they continued the activity from class on Tuesday [building a Project around the meter stick activity]. He also posed the following questions to the students to discuss in their groups as they completed the activity:

-Do a sequence of lesson plans about the same concepts make a project?

-Is there something that goes on in a “Big P” Project that is more than the sum of its parts?

-If so, what is that something else? How do you plan for it? How do you Articulate it? How do you adjust it?

Students were given time in their groups to continue working on the project ideas they had begun to create on Tuesday.

Class was concluded today with an unannounced quiz over the Marshall, Petrosino and Martin (2010) paper.

Marshall Quiz1

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