Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall 2010 UTeach PBI Class 12- Tuesday October 12:Kirschner; Meter Sticks; Mid Term exam format

Class today center around finishing up some past activities and planning for some future activities. Dr. Petrosino began the class with an aggressive "to do" list which included the following:

Discuss Blanton/McKinney Falls Exploratory Trips
Discuss development of 3 day units to enact at Manor New Tech in early November
Review Mid Term exam set for Tuesday, October 19
Continue with Meter Stick 5-7 curriculum unit development

Mid Term Exams: Dr. Petrosino polled the classes and it was agreed that the mid term would be a take home exam. In addition, students will need to submit 3 questions to Dr. Petrosino as posted on Blackboard before the end of this week. Students are to submit 1 factual, conceptual, and transfer question.

Dr. Petrosino sent out the following email after class:

Please use this area to submit your questions for the mid-term exam. I am asking that you submit 3 types of questions: factual, conceptual, and a transfer question.

Factual Information: often is either known or not known. Does not generally require higher order thinking skills. Nonetheless, an important component to expertise.

Conceptual information: Knowledge rich in relationships and understanding. By definition, conceptual knowledge cannot be learned by rote. It must be learned by thoughtful, reflective learning.

Transfer: the primary purpose of developing critical thinking and information literacy skills is to enable students to apply carefully and creatively the higher-order thinking skills to new situations, one of the key concerns is cognitive transfer. Transfer is the ability to extract a particular skill from its original context and apply it to a novel situation.

Submission deadline is Friday, October 15 at 11:59pm.

Questions posted after that time will not be considered for the mid term. Students are free to use this discussion board as a place to discuss and post responses to posed questions. However, the professor will take no responsibility in validating or correcting any of the responses.

Meter Stick- Students continued to work on the Meter Stick unit and it was decided that there will need to be some scaffolding by Dr. Petrosino to help develop the curriculum. But, the students are making nice progress on this project. It may be possible to use this activity in the Manor New Tech field experience.

Kirschner, P.A., Sweller, J. & Clark, R.E. (2006)- Students broke up into groups of about 3-4 and listed the top 3 criticisms of inquiry as explained by the Kirschner article. These were posted on the walls and we will continue the activity later this week.

Picture: Dr. Petrosino's discussion on creating a "mini 3 day" sequence for the Manor New Tech field experience.

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