Saturday, December 10, 2011

Class 24: 11/22/11-Legacy Cycle Workday

Today in class, we voted to take the day as a work day for our legacy cycle project rather than having a class discussion of the reading we were assigned for today. As a result, we worked in our groups on our final projects in hopes of making progress. Many of the groups in the class are in different stages of the planning process. Some groups were focused on scripting their anchor video, others were creating assessments and rubrics, and some are still hashing out ideas.

My group, for example, took the opportunity to chat with our teaching assistants about our ideas for our challenge. Our lesson is about graphing parabolas and the students are going to create a blueprint, for lack of a better word, of a human cannonball stunt. We are still working on expanding more things that we could do that are circus themed (as this is the theme of our lesson). Our TA was able to show us some really awesome resources that we might be able to use not only in the lesson, but for future lessons also.

Overall, it was a very active day in the classroom. There was a lot of talk on a variety of subjects happening all around the room. There was a variety of research happening both online and in high school text books. Class work days are extremely helpful for the students because if any groups get stuck with any particular idea or want input from others, there is a classroom full of students and instructors to foster new ideas and provide feedback.

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