Saturday, December 10, 2011

Class 25: 11/29/11-Final Work Day

Dr. Petrosino was not present in class today, so Sara, one of our TAs, gave instructions on our activities for the day. First, students were given the opportunity to fill out a course instructor survey. After students completed their surveys, Sara informed the class that today was a work day for the class's final project.

Prior to giving students time to work on their projects, she answered a few questions about an upcoming test. She said that the format of the test would be similar to our previous exam, but would likely be shorter. Students would be given an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the exam, and that it would be administered online, likely via Blackboard. She encouraged students to email her if there were any uncertainties about the exam.

She also offered some advice on the written response questions. When answering a question, think about how it relates to the course and what the grader will be looking for when reading a response. If you can write about what you think the grader is looking for, you will likely have success on the question. She also pointed out that if you happen to running low on time, the graders would give credit for bullet points and stressed that listing your idea as a bullet point was better than not writing anything at all.

She took some time to also outline the format of presentations of our legacy cycles. Sara mentioned that each presentation should be approximately 10 minutes, walk your audience through the legacy cycle, and be prepared to show an anchor video. While it is not necessary for the final, she advised students to use a Powerpoint as a guide for the presentation. A rubric for grading the legacy cycle and presentation is on Blackboard.

The remainder of class time was dedicated to working on legacy cycles.

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