Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday October 2 - PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Course Syllabus: See PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Enacted Curriculum: Continued from Wednesday, students use their project map to begin building a concept map for their project.

· Build a [draft] concept map of the knowledge and skills your students should

o Know BEFORE beginning your project

o Develop DURING the project

o Demonstrate AFTER the project is completed

o Begin to identify concepts that will require either a benchmark or investigation lesson. A specific lesson for that concept or concepts.

Evaluate your concept map.

· Help you define what students will need to know and what they will learn during the project?

· Describe links between concepts?

· Rank terms, topics and concepts in a hierarchy?

· Demonstrate a linear sequence or structure?

· Show interconnections between all related terms in a web? VERBS

· Decide what Benchmark lessons and investigations you need to plan for your unit?

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