Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday October 14 - MID TERM EXAM

Course Syllabus: MID TERM EXAM (take home)

Enacted Curriculum: Cooperative Learning and Problem Based Scenarios: Student are introduced to the differences between problem based scenarios and project based units. The idea that problem based scenarios can be used as scaffolds within projects or as stand alone lessons for “outlier” standards.

Students are introduced to structures which can be used to make problem based scenario using groups. Each member of the group is given a specific color of pen with which to write thus allowing the teacher to monitor who is contributing to the solving of the problem. Also students are introduced to how to conduct a Know/Need to Know assessment as part of a problem based scenario.

The culminating discussion is about assessment during a problem based scenario as well as how to expand or elaborate a relatively straight forward problem based scenario into even more complex problem.

Picture: Use of the Blanton Museum on campus for some PBI units ideas.

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