Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Class Meeting 12- Wed March 3: Learning Performances

Today’s class involved several activities. First, Professor Delgado opened up a discussion about Learning Performances, specifically referencing the Krajcik, McNeill, and Reiser (2007) article. He situated the concept by passes out a chart about Learning Performances the Krajcik & Czerniak book, p. 435-436. Then, students worked in groups on an activity to classify one of the following specific learning performances according to the criteria of the chart. The learning performances were:

1) Differentiate between object A, object B.

2) List the steps to solve a problem using completing the square.

3) Conduct an experiment to test D.

4) Make your own altimeter to observe E.

5) Make inferences from data.

6) Model phenomena too small to see.

After all groups shared their thinking process with the whole class, Professor Delgado and Teddy, the TA, further opened up discussion about how Learning Performances are connected to the ideas, thoughts, and bigger pictures ideas separated from content that students think about as they unpacked the standards. Professor Petrosino then talked about moving through the various learning performances, and how within the hierarchy of things like Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Krajcik & Czerniak chart about while factual knowledge is important, it is not sufficient.

The class then transitioned to another activity as Ms. Ekberg opened up discussion about the Field-Component Project Launch. She went through various slides about how students could seed their launches, showing examples of a letter, a PowerPoint slideshow, a story, or a video. Students then spent the remainder of the class working in their project groups to put their launch together.

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