Monday, March 29, 2010

Class Meeting 15 Monday, March 29: Debriefing About Field Experiences

Today’s course was mainly a debriefing on how the field-based experiences have gone for the students at Manor New Tech High. Almost all students have had the opportunity to start on their field-based Projects, so today was a way for students to check-in with each other as well as the instructors. Additionally, the Biology and the Geogebra groups completed a field trip on Saturday.

First, students broke up into groups of 3 to 4 with someone they co-taught with. Students were prompted with the question, “What have you been thinking?” in order to give them space to talk about things. After talking to each other for 15 minutes, Ms. Ekberg took up specific comments from each group about what they were thinking. Students mainly reflected on issues in scheduling their placements and communication between group members.

Then, students engaged in a more scaffolded reflection piece to think about their field experiences related more to content and the PBL-framework. Building a 3-column chart of Positives, Delta (changes), and Takeaways, students individually reflected on 4 ideas: A. Discipline/Deportment, B. Content/Processes for you, C. Content/Processes for your students, and D. Connections to the PBL framework. Teddy Chao then took up ideas from this reflection, which showed that students had many takeaways that dealt with Discipline/Deportment and Content/Processes, but were still struggling with ways in which to connect student learning of the content to their projects and the PBL framework.

Class then ended with Professor Petrosino introducing a formal reflection activity that students will turn in on April 9.

During the course of the class Ms. Ekberg, Dr. Delgado, Teddy Chao, and Dr. Petrosino all took over leadership roles in terms of leading discussion.

Picture: Field trip to the Blanton, Saturday March 27, 2010

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