Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6- Engineering Curriculum Meeting/Pickle Research Center

On Saturday March 6- a number of people met at the Pickle Research Center (PRC) to work on the high school engineering curriculum project. The curriculum project is a part of the UTeach Engineering MSP grant funded by NSF. Dr. Petrosino attended the meeting and investigated some opportunities for incorporating engineering into the undergraduate sequence of College of Education courses (Knowing and Learning, Classroom Interactions, Project Based Instruction). Topics today centered on Robotics and Reverse Engineering.

The list of participants at the meeting and who made contributions to discussions on curriculum and incorporation of engineering into UTeach undergraduate courses included:

Audrey Moyers, McCallum HS, MASEE student
Nicole Howard, Reagan HS, MASEE student
Mark Barron, Eastside Memorial Green Tech, ESIT participant
Mike Evans, Bowie HS, ESIT participant, 2010 MASEE applicant
Martha Lee, AISD Secondary Science Coordinator
Theresa Dobbs, Sr. Program Coordinator, UTeach Engineering
Bill Humphries, Master Teacher/Research Fellow UTeach Engineering
Dave Allen, PI UTeach Engineering
Tony Petrosino, Co-PI UTeach Engineering

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