Monday, April 12, 2010

Class Meeting 19- Anchored Instruction

Today’s class started with Professor Petrosino’s sharing a quick agenda for today, discussing the results of the UTeach Survey, finishing the discussion about Anchored Instruction, doing an activity based on a Jasper video, and then ending by talking about the final project.

Professor Petrosino had students watch an Adventures of Jasper Woodbury anchor video entitled, “Rescue at Boone’s Meadow.” As the video finished up, Professor Petrosino had students work in small groups of 3-4 students to answer the tasks presented by the anchor video:

-What is the quickest way to move the eagle from Boone’s Meadow to Cumberland City?

-How long will that take?

-And, how did you figure out the answer?

Students then worked in groups for about 10 minutes, actively talking about ways to solve the tasks. Then, Professor Petrosino then had students switch gears to think as teachers, analyzing their own conversations in terms of

1) Content Specific Discourse

2) Technology

3) Assessment

4) Motivation

After a quick discussion on what they noticed, the class watches a video about using the Jasper anchor videos in the classroom, specifically focusing on a specific classroom’s approach to using Jasper in a real classroom. Professor Petrosino then introduces the Jasper Analog videos, were companion problems that were used after students had solved the main problem. These Analog videos were used to develop expertise beyond just factual knowledge, building on conceptual and transfer knowledge as well.

Professor Petrosino then ended the talk on Anchored Instruction by passing out a literature review of studies that have used Anchored Instruction. Then, students were given a list of the TEKS standards covered by the Jasper video they just engaged with. Students can use these documents in their own planning and exploration of Anchored Instruction, and to justify the use of these videos within their own instruction since the TEKS standards covered are extremely exhaustive.

Finally, Professor Petrosino ends class by reminding students that on Wednesday, doctoral candidate Candace Walkington will give a short presentation on the importance of context in mathematics education. And, Professor Petrosino gives a short preview of how this work will come together for the final project, mentioning the deliverables that will be required.

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