Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meeting 24- Wednesday, April 28: Authentic Inquiry and Preservice teachers

Today’s class started with students filling out class evaluations of the instructor, Professor Petrosino. After that was finished, Professor Petrosino led a discussion about the two articles that students read for today, Windschitl (2004) and Petrosino (2004). Professor Petrosino opened up a discussion about his article detailing how a teacher he observed in Tennessee, Mr. San Jacinto, was able to run a classroom as a real research group, in which the students contributed to ongoing work in astronomy with variable stars.

Next, students used the framework from the Windschitl article to assess the inquiry in their end-of-term projects individually. Then, they got together as a group to discuss various aspects of the inquiry they saw. Then, Professor Petrosino opened a discussion in which students reflected upon this framework for inquiry, and talk about the axis of the Windschitl, how it could be interpreted as moving from student–centered to teacher-generated, generative to cookbook, following Bloom’s taxonomy of higher-order to lower-thinking, or “constructivist” to “direct”.

Finally, class ended with Ms. Ekberg passing out a rubric for the final presentations and students being given a chance to work collectively or ask questions regarding their end-of-term projects.


Windschitl 2004 Inquiry

Picture: Dr. Mark Windschitl

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