Thursday, April 15, 2010

Class Meeting 20- April 14: Walkington Presentation-Story Problems vs PBI/Concept Mapping/End of Semester Project Planning

Today’s class started with a presentation by doctoral candidate Candace Walkington, who was also a former teaching assistant for the PBI course and now a professor at Colin Community College. Professor Walkington presented her current work exploring how high school Algebra I students respond to story problems. She found that students often disconnected their own prior knowledge to the mathematics at hand, and often “stopped thinking” when engaged in solving multiple choice problems.

For the second half of the class, Ms. Ekberg presented students with the various aspects of the end-of-course exam. She showed the parts of the website that contained all the documents that students would use, such as the Buck Institute planning framework and Anchor Video storyboard pages. Then she allowed students to get into their groups to discuss how they would work on the various aspects of the end-of-term project over the next few weeks.

Candace Walkington- Problems vs PBI

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