Monday, April 26, 2010

Meeting 23- Monday April 26: Grant Writing

Ms. Ekberg started class by introducing the various parts involved with writing the grant for the End-of-Term Project. She gave a PowerPoint presentation with an overview of what is required in a grant, and how to think about and present this. One group of students from this course will be selected to have their projects actually funded, with each student in the group being promised $1000 towards their future schools in order implement this project in their first years of teaching.

Then, students were given time to work together in their groups on the project, as Ms. Ekberg and the other instructors checked-in to help out with each group’s questions. Students were discussing the various aspects of the End-of-Term Project due in the next week: the grant proposal, the rubric, the detailed calendar, final lesson plans, and formative assessments.

CheckList;Work Sheet


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