Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday September 2 - General Lecture- Project Based Instruction in STEM

Course Syllabus: General Lecture- Project Based Instruction in STEM

Enacted Curriculum: PBL handbook sections I & II discussion from reading and BB posts to focus questions are used to drive the discussion. Part of the discussion is about some historical perspectives of PBI along with possible advantages as well as pitfalls of this mode of instruction. Sample student responses:

Benefits = Higher level of engagement and ownership by students, application of content, community connection

Pitfalls = Time/coverage, unfamiliarity, not suited for math, administrators push back, different styles.

We discussed each of these in terms of what the students have experienced thus far in the UTeach program.

Further discussion was focused around the following:

Several equated manager w/ not wanting to see students struggle.

Need more experience before PBL

I feel most comfortable w/ direct teach.

Still skeptical since experience is with conventional model

PBL only with skilled students (mastered the basics)

I’m willing to put in the time

This discussion will be continued on Friday. Sept. 4

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