Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday September 25- Visit to the Blanton

The entire class (both morning and afternoon sections) went to the Blanton Museum of Art from 2:30-5:00. After a short introduction, the class split into two groups to have an introduction to the museum. The first group went with Jennifer Garner (BMA outreach/education), who introduced general museum concepts and had PBI participants perform activities that students may perform during a visit. The second group went to three different galleries with Matt Chalker, who demonstrated the use of concept cards. Participants were given cards with scientific/math terms written on them (such as chemistry, graphing, scientific notation, symmetry, etc.) and then had to find examples of the terms being referenced in pieces of art in the gallery. Once each group was finished, they swapped guides. Following the time inside the galleries, everyone took a short walk outside to see some permanent installations that may be able to be used when they return to the Blanton for the field projects.

Picture: Students meeting in the lobby of the Blanton Art Museum on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin (Sept 25, 2009).

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