Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday September 25 - PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Course Syllabus: PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Enacted Curriculum: During class, students received group contracts (to negotiate their group goals and how they will hold each other accountable) and Project Planning forms from the PBL handbook. The students will use these documents to summarize the big ideas for their project; identify content standards, key skills, and habits of mind the students will learn; plan the assessment (define products and artifacts for the project); map the overall project and what they expect the students to learn; and identify potential problems that might arise and describe how they will manage the process. Students worked in their teams to write their driving question on a poster along with a description of what the student generated final product might be. Each team hung their poster on the wall and everyone circulated the room with post-it notes to provide feedback to each team. The teams were able to use this feedback to refine their driving questions.


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