Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday September 28 - Developing Driving Questions

Course Syllabus: Developing Driving Questions

Enacted Curriculum: There was a class discussion about the field experience. The students were given three-day planning documents to begin the process of planning. Students were encouraged to begin by backward design by first thinking about the BIG enduring concepts they wish for their students to master through this project, and then thinking about what deliverable will assist in this. The planning document has spaces for students to fill out how they plan to launch their mini-project, the driving question, student objectives, TEKS, how they will get to know their students and foster a sense of community, how they will prepare their students for the field experience, inquiries/investigations, student artifacts / assessments, and resources. The first draft of the three-day planner is due on 10/16. After receiving feedback from the master teacher and TAs, students will submit their second draft to their cooperating teachers.

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