Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday September 4 - Project Development and Field Experience

Course Syllabus: See PBI FALL 09 Project Development and Field Experience

Enacted Curriculum: Standards Based Project

Curriculum Design and Standards

TEKS (Texas Education Knowledge and Skills)

This presentation introduces students to curriculum design and the close link between district, state and national standards and classroom curriculum. Students are also introduced to Project 2061 (criterion is listed below) as a way of evaluating text books and other curriculum modalities such as Instructional Planning Guides. It is proposed that these might be useful criterion for all planning including single lessons?

u Identifying a Sense of Purpose

u Building on Student Ideas

u Engaging Students

u Developing Ideas

u Promoting Student Thinking

u Assessing Student Progress

u Designing and Enhancing the Learning Environment

We discuss the importance of using standards to build a project to avoid creating a series of pretty fun activities.

Students were then directed to the AISD TEKS and IPG’s (Instructional Program Guides) website and begin considering the standards that were part of the scope and sequence during the 5th 6 week period. This will be the major time period during which they will apprentice teach and the goal is to produce a project based unit that can at least partially be implemented during apprentice teaching.

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