Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday September 26- Field Experience (McKinney Falls – Blanton))

Course Syllabus: Nothing Listed in Course Syllabus

Enacted Curriculum: Saturday September 26 (McKinney Falls – JG & BMA - MC)

PBI participants and special guests (including UTeach Master Teachers, the UTeach Laboratory/Technical Services Supervisor, and a PBI graduate there to share her PBI field experience) went to McKinney Falls State Park to explore and collaborate about field teaching opportunities and potential mini-projects. After a whole group orientation hike from the Upper to the Lower Falls, the students were able to choose to participate in one of three field investigations in order to gain deeper understanding of approaches to engaging students in problem-based field inquiries: Estimating and Measuring Stream Flow, Mapping/Topography, and Monitoring Water Quality (Bioassessment and Chemistry). During lunch, students decided whether to plan their field investigations at McKinney Falls or the Blanton Museum of Art. They determined what problem or challenge they plan to pose to their students, what field sites will facilitate their students’ work, what they want for the students to do, what resources they need, what they would like for their students to get out of the experience, and how they will scaffold student learning.

Enacted Curriculum: Blanton Museum

Introduction from Jennifer Garner – Teaching in a gallery setting

Early development of field lessons

Fill out Saturday lesson document

Gallery time, look at works to use in projects

Discussion about lessons in the E-Lounge

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